Inspired by Scott Hanselman’s Tools page on his blog (I’d highly recommend following Scott, he seems like a cool guy), I’d thought I’d start a list curating all the websites, books, tools etc that I’ve been using to help me in my learning efforts. If you have a resource that I’ve missed out and you think it needs to be included, post it in the comments!


Android Studio – The IDE for developing Android Apps. It’s basically a IntelliJ shell, but it’s a fantastic tool for developing apps, debugging code etc. It’s even great for working with XML UI design.


GitHub – Version Control weapon of choice for me. Can also be used for hosting services. You can use either CLI or the desktop app to interact with it. I prefer the command line.

JSON Formatter & Validator – I like to test Web Services by just pasting the URL in Google Chrome. The returned JSON response gets a bit tedious if I get a massive response so this site is pretty good for breaking it up.


Udacity – Online learning website offering massive open online courses. Has a variety of courses to choose from Android Development to self car engineering. Offers both free courses up to fully fledged Nanodegrees! The cost is relative to your circumstances, but there is something for everyone. Most components within Nanodegrees are offered for free (without the code reviews and 1-1 stuff obviously).

Google Developers Official place for developers for all things Google!

Udemy – Like Udacity, a website offering online courses. Allows creators to create courses and then sell them. Make sure you go for courses that are highly reviewed and rated.

PacktPub – Online book store for technology. Bit expensive and content may be outdated depending on what year the book was published, but still a good source and they are expanding into producing video content.

Codeacademy – Want to learn raw code? This site is great not just for that, but also learning frameworks as well. Has a paid option which includes projects. Fantastic site.




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