Inspired by Scott Hanselman’s Tools page on his blog (I’d highly recommend following Scott, he seems like a cool guy), I’d thought I’d start a list curating all the websites, books, tools etc that I’ve been using to help me in my learning efforts.Β If you have a resource that I’ve missed out and you think it needs to be included, post it in the comments!

(This page is currently under construction!)


Codeacademy – It’s free (Unless you want to go pro) and it’s a great website for your first steps into computer programming.

Learn Ruby Online – Another great website for take your first steps into programming. Has a variey of languages to choose from. Again, no need to download anything as it has its own text editor. (You can also contribute tutorials!)

Khan Academy – It’s free! Great for learning not just computer science and programming, but also Mathematics and Science. Great if you want to work your way up to complex algorithms!

Text Editors

Visual Studio Code


Learn to Program

Well-Grounded Rubyist Book


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