Hi there! My name is Will Velida.Β This corner of the internet is occupied by my blog (Which I’m sure you figured out). I’m a first-class honours graduate of Information Systems from the University of Auckland, but I’m back in the UK after 6 years living in New Zealand. This blog contains my own opinions and content. That being said, I reserve the right to evolve on issues that I see fit. I’m excited about technology, civics, sports and mathematics (even though I suck at it!).

I’m starting a new journey at Makers Academy, where I’m training to be an awesome developer!

I’d be grateful if you subscribed to this blog. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram. If we meet in the real world, I also have a LinkedIn profile that we should connect on.

I do have email, but I’m keeping that to myself. DM me on Twitter and we can have a chat there πŸ™‚


In a previous life, I was on a youth contract at the Canterbury Rugby Union playing as a prop forward. After I was tired of being beaten up every weekend, I decided to move to Auckland and get an education. I’ve worked for some pretty cool companies, including Microsoft and Orion Health. I have also been a bit of a political junkie, working as a Media Officer for UoA’s student union, AUSA. I tend to avoid politics these days, but I still have opinions on issues.


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