Hi there! My name is Will Velida.Β This corner of the internet is occupied by my blog (Which I’m sure you figured out).

I’m a first-class honours graduate of Information Systems from the University of Auckland, but I’m back in the UK after 6 years living in New Zealand.

I like writing code (even though I’m not great at it). I enjoy Android Development and have even developed a couple of apps. I’m also keen on learning Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence, but my Math will need some improvement before that happens.

I’d be grateful if you subscribed to this blog. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram. If we meet in the real world, I also have a LinkedIn profile that we should connect on. I do have email, but I’m keeping that to myself. DM me on Twitter and we can have a chat there πŸ™‚

That’s about it.

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