Monday 18th December

I FINALLY GOT MY REPLACEMENT BAND! Amazon finally came through for me. 10/10 would not recommend Prime.

Anyway, I had an idea while I was smashing out some shoulder press. In order to create a comprehensive health profile, I’ll need to log my progress of my workouts. I currently write this information down in a book, so transferring this information to a database would be a long and tedious process.

I have some experience in mobile app development. I’ve developed two Android applications and two Windows 10 applications, so my plan is to create a app that will allow me to log my workouts and then store that data in the cloud so I can extract it. There are a couple of questions of interest that have arose that have caused me to do this:

  1. Do different types of exercises influence calorie burn, steps taken, distance covered, floors climbed etc?
  2. Do exercises performed on different days (start of the week, end of the week) affect calorie burn?
  3. As the amount of weight I lift increase, does my body fat decrease? Am I doing the right amount/type of exercise to decrease body fat?

These are only a few questions that could be answered by my workout data. I’m interested to see how much effect my exercise has on weight loss. Most expert advice I’ve read say that diet has the biggest influence on weight loss, so it will be interesting to see it in action.


I thought about creating a Xamarin app. But it seems like a stretch and WAY out of project scope at the moment. An app would allow me to log workouts on the go, but the last time I left my phone in the gym I dropped a 20kg dumbell on it. Probably safe to stick to writing it in book form, but find an easier way to store it in a DB.

I start jotting down some ideas on a notepad.

Tuesday 19th December

I can’t decide how to I want to capture the data, so I decide to pass the time to add all my workout data since November in a excel file. This allows me to also save it as a CSV file. Going through this process, I see the different ways that I could manipulate the data to get some better insights. I’ll need to see how I can differentiate between strength and cardio workouts. I don’t do a lot of cardio (#gains), but it would be interesting to see how calorie burn, fat levels etc. are affected by different types of workout.

Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd December

These two days are uneventful. I just keep logging data into my CSV file. I really want to store the data elsewhere, but I haven’t finalised all the data I wish to capture yet, so I’ve put it on the backburner. I like the look of Cosmos DB, but I’m not sure.

I’ve looked at migrating the data from Excel to SQL Server. This process seems simple enough, but it looks like I’ll have to run some SQL queries to ensure that the data is stored properly.

Conclusion and next week

This being Christmas week, I think I can be forgiven for not working as hard this week as I would normally. I’ll probably spend the Christmas day jotting down some application ideas and maybe sketching out an overall architecture for the application. I still need to finish the initial statistical analysis of my September-November data just so I can see what gaps I’m missing in my analysis. I’m also struggling with the Fitbit API. I need to set a whole day aside to try and understand it.

Good things

  • Working Fitbit band means I can start collecting data again!
  • Logging GymWorkouts. This means in the future I can see how different types of sets, reps and exercises affect strength, fitness et. over time.

Bad things

  • Have no idea how I’m automate collecting workout data. This could be an app, it could just be a web portal I log into every so week. I’m unsure at the moment and I’ll need to do some planning
  • How am I going to store all this data that allows me to scale and be flexible in the future?

That’s the end of week 2! We’re still very much in the infancy stage of the project and it is difficult not to get ahead of myself. I may need to scale back my ideas a little but just so I can focus on creating a kickass MVP.

These are the things I’ll be focusing on for week 3:

  • Finalising a minimal mvp for data collection. I’ll look at what data I can extract from Fitbit and see what else I’d like to store.
  • Look at data storage options.

Until next time! Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!