Hello and Welcome to my Java 101 tutorial series. These lessons are designed to take you through the very basics of the Java language before ending off with some complex subjects. This series is aimed towards people who have never programmed before or those who have programmed but have never used Java.


  1. Any text editor or IDE that allows you to write Java code. For these tutorials, I’m using Eclipse. If you’re more comfortable using something else, that’s cool. You can also use a cloud IDE like c9 or browxy.com (however, it doesn’t work over HTTPS. Be careful!).
  2. A good attitude!


  1. Setup and Basics
  2. Data Types, Comments and Variables.
  3. Strings.
  4. Java with Maths
  5. Relational Operators
  6. Boolean Operators
  7. Control Flow (If/Else, Switch)
  8. Classes
  9. Methods
  10. Inheritance
  11. ArrayList
  12. For loops and For Each
  13. HashMaps
  14. DateTime
  15. RegEx
  16. Files and I/O
  17. Exceptions

Each lesson has a file associated with them which can be found on this GitHub page.