This past week was a little slow on the technical side of things as I found myself working more on mathematics and typing than actual coding. But let’s start this off the right way with a quick stand up:

Stand up meeting (Progress from last week)

  • Continue work on the Well-Grounded Rubyist Book

This week was pretty crazy, with me going up to London twice and helping out the parents with various different tasks so I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked on the book. I did get up to the second section, so I’ll be looking to crack on with that over the coming week. I made a couple of commits to GitHub, but nothing too crazy.

  • Reach 50% mastery in Algebra I on Khan Academy

Achieved! I pushed a little harder on the maths rather than coding because I wanted to reach the 50% so badly. Lots of the concepts on Algebra I are really simple and are pretty easy to master. Others are a little more challenging, plus it doesn’t help that I can be a bit of an idiot and not read the question properly. But on this front, it’s coming along nicely.

  • Reach 25% Progress on the

Achieved! The big take away I got this week was that typing is a lot faster when you use the shift key for Capital letters rather than caps lock. I was trying to use the caps lock at first but this took forever (Plus the lack of range of movement in my pinky fingers didn’t help).

  • Continue to have Fun!

Achieved! (It’s been hard at times, check out the Bucket List section for more detail on this).

Functions and Fun in Maths, along with other things

As I continue with my maths work, I found that I was enjoying myself as I progressed. It even got to the stage where I was working on Mastery challenges before I went to sleep (I’ve come a long way since high school). I have struggled a little bit to reach the 50% target, but working through the examples and questions on the platform has really helped me reinforce the concepts in my mind.

At this rate, I hope I’ll finish Algebra I by the end of the month. I’m still working towards the Algorithms course on Udacity which requires Algebra II knowledge. The work is tough, but I’m confident that I will reach this target.

Bucket List

If I’m totally honest, life is a bit boring and unfulfilling at the moment. I can’t help but feel jealous while looking at my friends Instagram pictures and Facebook statuses. So while I have a bit of free time on my hands, I’ve created a bucket list of things that I want to do when I finally get some money in my hands. These include getting my motorcycle licence (don’t tell my parents lol), travelling to Asia etc.

The primary objective is getting a job and getting a place to live in London. Once I have these things sorted I’ll focus on some crazier ideas.

Goals for this week

I felt that I set myself some SMART targets for last week, I just had a busy week but since this coming week should be fairly easy going I’ve set myself the following goals:

  1. Complete at least 3 chapters in the Well Gounded Rubyist book and commit the examples to GitHub.
  2. Complete at least 3 kata on
  3. Reach 65% mastery on Algebra I with Khan Academy.
  4. Reach 35% progress on
  5. Have fun!

That’s all for this week, I hope to have more news on my coding efforts so I’ll see you then!