Things are starting to pick up, I’ve been working through my Ruby materials and gearing myself up for Makers. So how did I get on this week?

Stand up meeting (progress from last week)

  • Continue work on Hashes and Arrays in Ruby

I’m moving this task under the work I’m going to do following the Well-Grounded Rubyist book. It’ll save me having to work on a separate part of the Ruby language for no reason.

  • Continue work on typingclub

I didn’t spend a lot of time on this, but I have to say that this is becoming easier as I practice it. The big obstacle that I face is the fact that my pinky fingers have ZERO range of movement, which means that reaching the q and p keys with them very challenging! I should apply more

  • Stay on top of my mad Git skills!

I’ve reached a couple of milestones this week in regards to Git. I’ve reached 100 contributions this month alone, I’ve committed something to Git every workday of this week and I’ve also continued my Open Source contributions (minor as they are). To top it all off, I’ve done this purely through the command line! No dirty desktop application hacks!

March was fun!
  • Start work on the Well-Grounded Rubyist Book

I started going through the book this week and it was a challenge. The depth that it goes into is quite significant and I’m often wondering if I will ever need to know the finer details of Ruby that well. Nevertheless I don’t want to miss out on anything important so I’m going through each example and coding it out for myself. I think I’ll have to reach each section a few times before I fully grasp the concepts, but that should be fun :).

  • Start the Ruby on Rails course on Codeacademy

I’ve started the first section, but I think I might put this on the back-burner until I finish the Well-Grounded Rubyist Book. I’ve also got to make sure that I’ve set up my Windows machine for RoR development properly.

  • Continue working on the Mathematics course on Khan Academy

I’ve reached up to 26% Mastery on Algebra I. Before you mock me, I have said in previous posts that I suck at Maths, but I was working through the first few topics on Algebra I and it came back to me slowly, so I’m picking up some real steam in this department. I should be able to understand those complex algorithms in no time……

  • Continue to have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, smashed this. Looking back, I think I overreached on the goals this week and didn’t achieve as much for each as I would have liked. I’ll bear that in mind moving forward.

Continuing the Maths work

I’ve been progressing nicely through the Algebra I material on Khan Academy and I’ve mastered 26% of the topics so far. My aim is to try and finish Algebra II before I start at Makers so I can get a good understanding of the foundations before I take algorithms. There is a good course on Introduction to Algorithms on Udacity that I want to do which recommends that you need to be familiar in Algebra II notation, hence the work on maths.

It’ll also help me understand notation used in both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I’d rather get shit about re-doing basic mathematical concepts now so I can understand them better for the future, than not do the learning at all and be redundant in the future. It is a bit embarrassing doing high-school maths that retrospectively I should know, but I reckon it would be more embarrassing not doing it and being replaced by a machine.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard and frustrating at times, but I’m getting better everyday. I’m not aiming to be Rachel Riley or anything like that, I just want to survive in this world.

Everyday it gets easier

One small step into Computer Science, one large leap into C

In a slight detour, at the start of the month I started a Introduction to Computer Science course provided by Harvard on edX. It’s been interesting so far, but I’ve only reached week 1’s material (Counting starts at 0, like all technical courses should ;)) so far. It’s exposed me to some very basic C, which apparently is an essential language for all software engineers to know. It’s WAY more confusing than any other language I’ve encountered.

I was searching the web for general advice about getting a software engineer and found this gem on GitHub and it suggests the book ‘The C Programming Language‘ as a prerequisite. I have started the book yet but I had a quick glance. It looks short and complex, so hopefully I’ll get a lot of enjoyment and fun out of it.

An oldie, but a goodie.

The deepest Rubyist Book I know!

Speaking of books, I started to work through the ‘Well-Grounded Rubyist Book’ to improve my Ruby knowledge. The content is quite deep and sometimes it can be confusing. I’ve worked through each example program just to try and get used to it. I’ve also started to commit the code to GitHub to stay on top of those skills. I’m about a 1/4 through the book and it’ll take a bit of time before the concepts are stuck in my mind. I’m looking forward to getting started at Makers so that these concepts will stay in my mind and I can apply them to real world situations, rather than just examples in a book.

Goals for this Week

I overreached last week so I’m going to limit the amount of goals for the upcoming week. Here they are!

  1. Continue work on the Well-Grounded Rubyist Book
  2. Reach 50% mastery in Algebra I on Khan Academy
  3. Reach 25% Progress on the
  4. Continue to have Fun!

See ya next week! This is becoming a regular thing now, don’t forget you can always follow my progress on GitHub and I’d love it if you shared your thoughts or suggestions with me!